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Management Team

Our management team spreads across various international disciplines. The Board of Directors is composed of eminent Nigerians drawn from various professional fields with the executive function being headed by Mr. Paul Okeh in the position of Managing Director.

Mountain View   Names: Paul Ben Okeh
Position: Chairman/CEO
Years of Experience: 31 Years
Experience Summary: A Business Administration and Management major with extensive experience, Logistics, overseas procurement, Sales, and Oil & Gas project management. Has setup the Oil Responce group of companies to service various group of multinational companies and great employer of labor.

Mountain View

  Names:Yemi Adelanwa
Position: General Manager
Years of Experience: 16 Years
Experience Summary: A Business Administration and Management major with extensive experience in Accounting, Sales, Banking, and Oil & Gas. Over the years this experience saw

skill set in project management and this has given a track record in organistation and establishments that I have had cause to work with. Some include, KPMG Nigeria, NNPC – NAPIMS, Mandilas Enterprises, innovative Ideas Dev. Company and Oil Response Limited. He is a team player and dedicated to be result oriented.


Mountain View

  Names:Solomon F. C. Ogamba
Position: Financial Controller
Years of Experience: 10 Years
Experience Summary:Names: A Political Science major with extensive experience in Office Administration, Accounting, Procurement, and Project Administration in the Construction sector as well as Oil & Gas industry.   Garnered quality experience over the years from the different projects that Oil Responce

Limited has been involved in from the different sectors of Nigeria’s economy ranging from Construction, General Procurement and Provision of Technical Manpower Services to Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as the International Oil and Gas companies operating in Nigeria. He is a great believer in team work and dedicated to the company’s vision and mission.

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