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World Equipment Protection System Ltd. (WEPSL) is an engineering and procurement services company with an established professional management system with many years experience in the field of security services. World Equipment Protection System has established itself as a well-recognized company in providing all-encompassing defence solutions to the Ministry of Defence and its associates. World Equipment Protection System offers cutting-edge technological solutions in the field of training security forces such as the training of units from the army, air force, navy, special forces and VIP units, as well as providing logistics support and supply of general Defense materials. WESPL is authorised to supply Newson Gale static control systems or/grounding and bonding products.





WEPSL works with a Principal who is a world leader in ruggedized HML and control system. A multidisciplinary company well known for its high quality products. WEPSL main product lines are ruggedized HML and control system, illuminated panels and light solution. Other services include Night Vision upgrade and general design and manufacturing service.
World Equipment Protection System products are designed to meet aviation, ground and naval environmental requirements.





Vehicle Spare parts replacement & Maintenance Services/Training Programme

WEPSL are OEM representatives of manufacturers of various vehicles and brands like Toyota, Nissan, Ford etc. Our synergy also provides the extension for specialized Military vehicles like Armor Personnel Carriers and soft skin vehicles like the Spartan,¬ Mercedes Benz, IAG etc.


This relationship provides and guarantees genuine spare replacement parts and the required technical assistance and training of local personnel to sustain the life of every vehicle in the fleet.

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WEPSL works with leading innovator in development and production of solutions for ad-hoc wireless mobile networks. Our principal¬ company provides¬ innovative dynamic networking technology solutions which enables handheld mobile devices to create a self-routing “virtual infrastructure” for voice, data and video, and also bridges the technological gap between legacy communications systems and the future vision of faultless mobile communications.


Our manufacturer possesses a proven track-record for technological innovation and timely solution delivery for both military and civilian clients around the globe, with the company‚€™s experts drawing on unequalled experience with global military elite defense forces.



Our Principal are the manufacturer of cables and wires for telecommunications, electric and electronic applications. They are leaders in the design and production of high data-rate Copper and Optical LAN cables, Industrial BUS, Instrumentation and Control cables.


WEPSL works with the lead manufacturers in the development and production of advanced Electronic, Fiber Optic and Data communication cables, as well as Outside Plant Telecom cables.




Marketing & Distribution

Our partners provide products which are distributed in more than 30 countries around the globe. Our main markets are: Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, North and South America, and the Far East.


They utilize the most advanced marketing methods, including its Interactive Computer Catalog which is available on its website, containing extensive technical information about data specification sheets for thousands of cable types.


They give lectures and training seminars for clients around the world, and are members of international standards committees forums and organizations.



WEPSL, through our Partners provides defense weapon system, specializing in the development and manufacture of offensive and defensive solutions for the modern battlefield, Home Land Security and global terrorism.



Our principal partner are in the field of logistics and a global leader in design and manufacturer of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Our products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire fighters, police, defense / military, aerospace and entertainment.




WEPSL supplies unique tactical medical solutions to military, police and security firms, with the growing threat of global terrorism and worldwide conflict, WEPSL medical department was established in order to supply custom-made medical solutions to its clients for their special needs and challenges.

WEPSL’s medical concept promotes good medicine with the best delivery tactics in order to achieve the ideal outcome for the casualty and the mission.

In contrast to a civilian setting, giving medical care in hostile and complex environment requires a different strategy that is best practiced through advanced tactical medical equipment and deployment.


Naval Forces:

WEPSL is a global security company, employing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, who are principally engaged in research & development, design, manufacture, and integration of advanced technological systems, products and services.
WEPSL activities touch on a broad range of fields, such as aircraft production, aerospace research, space technologies, satellites, naval systems, radars, missile defense, surveillance, fire control, C4I and much more. Our Principal Partner is the largest global provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the U.S. government and others, with additional business activity comprised of international, government and commercial sale of products, services and platforms.



WEPSL and its partners is a leading supplier of night vision systems to the Defense Forces around the globe.

WEPSL through its partnership delivers a variety of electro-optic systems, testing equipment, and accessories, as well as providing world-class refurbishment and upgrade services for image intensifying tubes and systems. Our clients benefit from the company‚€™s exceptional knowledge base and hands-on experience, which stem from extensive operational usage of its products worldwide
WEPSL is a subsidiary of a World Class Defense Systems Organization, one of the largest defense companies, offering innovative defense solutions for Air, Land, Sea and military forces and formations worldwide.


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